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Terms and Conditions

Settling in:
We offer your child the chance to come and visit our setting and get to know us a little before becoming full time. We offer a free 2 hour session, then a half day session up to 5hrs 15minutes. If all is satisfactory for both yourselves and us we would then invoice and request payment for the month to follow.

The first payment to be paid and cleared prior to the agreed start date. Thereafter each payment is required to reach our account by the 1st of each month.

Reservation Payment:
We require a reservation fee to hold your space open as follows:

Immediate starts - first months fees to be paid immediately
Any start dates commencing within 2-4 weeks £100
Any start dates commencing within 5-8 weeks £200
Any start dates commencing within 9+ weeks £300
Fees are non-fundable and do not count towards any future fees. This is a reservation fee only.


The company requires 17 days annual leave per year to be taken during the summer and Christmas period. In addition we require all bank holidays off however payment will still be required. We ask that we could be notified of annual leave as far in advance as possible.

Late fees:
Fees will be charged where your child/children are dropped off or collected beyond their stated hours. There will be a £5 per 15 minute charge prior to 7.30am and beyond 6pm. If any of these apply to you they will be recorded and added to the following months invoice.


If a child arrives at our premises unwell we will assess whether they are well enough to remain here. If not we will ask the parent to take their child home. If a member of staff or another child is unwell e.g. cold we will leave the decision to the discretion of the parent/guardian.

Infectious illnesses:

- Chicken pox - We require all children to be kept away from the setting once a rash appears and muststay away until all the spots have crusted over.

- Measles - Children must stay away from our setting from the day a rash appears until 4 days after the rash has gone as this is the infectious period.

- Rashes of all kinds - All children who develop a rash whilst in our setting must be collected immediately. We then require written confirmation from your doctor to confirm what the particular rash is and that it is not contagious. If this cannot be done unfortunetly we cannot accept any child back until the rash has cleared up completely.

Complaints Actions:
If any issues/problems arise we ask the parent/guardian to bring it to our attention immediately. We will discuss these and hope to find a resolution between both parties. If a written complaint is made this will be responded to within 28 days. If you wish to seek further guidance and information please contact Ofsted on 0300 123 1231.

Wrightway Childcare
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